Proposal for a more sustainable, inclusive and secure IT infrastructure at the University of Oslo

The Department of Informatics (IFI) at the University of Oslo (UiO) is working on a “Strategy and action plan 2023-2026” and asked their students and employees for comments. This is a slightly modified version of my comment from November 15th, 2022. I’m publishing it, because the problems and solutions I outline can be of general use for universities. Very little of what I say here is specific to UiO or IFI.

We need new communication infrastructure for academia

Having attended a great conference and scientific networking event last week, I came to realize again the dysfunctional, scattered nature of today’s communication infrastructure that even scientists can not escape from.

Which BibTeX toolkit to use in conjunction with XeLaTeX

This post is primarily a note to myself and collaborators, to avoid explaining and looking this up and over and over again. What is the modern way of making use of a .bib file in a document compiled with XeLaTeX and why?

How to find a Bluetooth amp that doesn't suck

Living in a Scandinavian city has its perks. Like finding two perfectly fine speaker boxes on the street. Unfortunately, the amplifier was already gone. No problem, I’d just order a $10 bluetooth amp from aliexpress and have a nice stereo at home. I thought. Well, turns out there is a couple of ways they can suck.

AirBnB ignores the GDPR, and the Irish DPC is a fig leaf

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to delete my AirBnB account. I had only used it two times in some years anyway and – while their platform is certainly comfortable to use – I prefer not to externalize my cost of traveling to those who need a place to live in, as I do in my own hometown. Turns out, deleting your account is easier said than done. While I was writing this article, I even found out that I had already tried to delete my account a year ago without success.