How to find a Bluetooth amp that doesn't suck

Living in a Scandinavian city has its perks. Like finding two perfectly fine speaker boxes on the street. Unfortunately, the amplifier was already gone. No problem, I’d just order a $10 bluetooth amp from aliexpress and have a nice stereo at home. I thought. Well, turns out there is a couple of ways they can suck.

AirBnB ignores the GDPR, and the Irish DPC is a fig leaf

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to delete my AirBnB account. I had only used it two times in some years anyway and – while their platform is certainly comfortable to use – I prefer not to externalize my cost of traveling to those who need a place to live in, as I do in my own hometown. Turns out, deleting your account is easier said than done. While I was writing this article, I even found out that I had already tried to delete my account a year ago without success.

Video Conferencing is broken for many physical scenarios

Most video conferencing systems generally assume the same physical usage scenario: We have n users who sit or lie around in distinct physical locations, each of them having a client device to participate in an n:n video call, i.e. everyone can talk to everyone. Even though some platforms came up with a designated presenter or breakout rooms, I haven’t seen the assumptions of the physical separation challenged yet. Thereby, we have been struggling with different physical scenarios for a while. People who have a conference room at their workplace, that is just too large for a conference phone, know the terrible “catch box”, a soft wireless microphone cube that is thrown from speaker to speaker, but is also magically attracted by half-empty coffee cups.